2nd Indian Cavalry Division

British Units Only

A Regular Division of the Indian Army formed after the War had started. The Division sailed from Bombay 19 November 1914 and arrived in France 14 December 1914. The Division was renamed to 5th Cavalry Division 26 November 1916. At times during the war the division served in the trenches as infantry, each Cavalry Brigade once dismounted formed a dismounted regiment. The 2nd Indian Cavalry Division served in France and Flanders until March 1918 when the Division was broken up and reformed in Egypt as the 2nd Mounted Division.

Battles and Engagements
France and Flanders

Battle of Bazentin. 14 - 17 Jul 1916.
Battle of Flers - Courcelette. 15 - 22 Sep 1916.



German Retreat to the Hindenburgh Line. 14 Mar - 5 Apr 1917.
The Tank Attack. 20 - 21 Nov 1917.
The German Counter Attacks. 30 Nov - 3 Dec 1917.



Mounted Units


Ambala Cavalry Brigade.

8th Hussars. 15 Sep 1915 - Mar 1918. To the 9th Cavalry Brigade, 1st (British) Cavalry Division.



Mhow Cavalry Brigade. (Formed Nov 1914 from Cavalry units of the 5th Mhow Division). Left the Division Sep 1915 and joined the 1st Cavalry Division.

6th Dragoons. Nov 1914 - Sep 1915. With the brigade to the 1st Cavalry Division.


Meerut Cavalry Brigade. (Left the Division in Jun 1916 for service in Mespotamia).

13th Hussars. Aug 1914 - Jun 1916. With the Brigade to Mesopotamia.


Secunderabad Cavalry Brigade.

7th Dragoon Guards. Dec 1914 - 10 Mar 1918. To the 7th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd (British) Cavalry Division.

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